After a trip down the Sile river to enter the lagoon, we headed to the island of Burano. While touristy by day, the crowd disappeared in the evening providing a chance to see it as the locals do. Rowers practiced for races, and the colors of the town stood out. We went on to visit Murano and see the glass workshops.

After cruising through the heart of Venice (although we weren’t allowed on the Grand Canal; rental boats aren’t permitted there, and I understand why after seeing the traffic!), we headed up the Brenta to Padua. After being pranked by the local college students into going under a VERY low bridge, we made it into town. Our moorings were in the center of town, next to a memorial to the 911 attack that included a beam from the World Trade Center. The Scrovegni Chapel was just across the street with its 14th century frescoes by Giotto. They are in beautiful condition, and with the careful conservation and environmental controls they should stay that way for a long time!

After Padua, we went back through the lagoon with another stop in Burano before heading back up the Sile to our base. Lovely scenery, friendly people and great food; what more could you ask!

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